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Web Site Owners is a web service for webmasters and general internet users to get information about Domain Name, IP Address, Web Server and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a tool that provides various statistical reports for any website such as Web Site Appraisal, Search Engine Reports, Traffic Reports, Social Attachment, Security, Host Information, Domain Name WHOIS, Page Speed and much more. Write your Domain Name above for such great reports.

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You can reinstall your XCloud server via your existing backups in the Natro database. The functional and system features of your new server will be the same as the server you back up. In order to view your existing backups, you need to log in as a customer.

Cloud applications are solutions that are optimized for your server and deliver high performance from your server. In addition to their ease of use and management, they also eliminate the need for technical knowledge required for server management with the ready-to-install feature. You can configure your server by choosing a cloud application that you want during the purchase process.

Cloud Server installation is automatic. After your order, your cloud server will be configured according to your configuration preferences and will be delivered to you at the ready of use. All information about server management will be sent to you by email after installation.

After you select the most appropriate XCloud solution, you can choose your operating system and panel preferences, choose one of the pre-installed cloud-optimized applications for your server, or set up your server via your existing backups in the Natro database. Immediately after your order, your server will be set up in the direction of your preferences and use will be available within a short time.

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