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Domain Names FAQ

Domain is the name of the web site that is defined and accessed through the browser. Domain Names can not be purchased indefinitely. You can only rent it on your own during certain periods of time. With renewal you can extend this ownership.

Domains are classified by extensions like ".com, .net, .org" at the end;
.com -> Used for commercial purpose sites, it is the most preferred domain extension.
.net -> Network is the abbreviation for most informative and commercial-oriented sites about the internet.
.org -> Preferred for non-commercial sites.

Domain is the identity of being on the internet and this is your "Domain Name". When you start to get on the Internet, you are given an Internet protocol number. This is called IP Address (Internet Protocol address). Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. The connection between computers is done via IP address. The IP address consists of 3 numbers separated by 3 dots.

Domain is just an image of this number. So instead of typing the IP numbers in the address bar of your browser, you can type in the domains that the IP numbers are coded to reach the desired site. Briefly, domain IP addresses are encoded as letters. It is important that your domain name is convenient, easy, and rememberable.

Domain names extensions are used to separate Web sites by purpose. These domain extensions and their meanings are given below. There are hundreds of domain name extensions in the world. Here you will see the most commonly used extensions and the area they cover. Each country has its own extensions in addition to these domains. You can examine these extensions below.

Domain Name Extensions:

com: For commercial organizations
net: For organizations with a working Internet
org: for Associations, Organizations
gov: for government agencies
edu: For educational institutions
mile: for military organizations
ac: Academic institutions

Domain prices in the market are generally around $ 10 + VAT per year. Domain fees are requested annually by all companies. This is due to the fact that the domains can be purchased with the annual rental system. If you do not pay the domain fee after one year, the domain will be wasted within 2 months and you can buy a different user.

Domains can be leased annually, and leased for more than 1 year. global domains like com, net, org, info 10 years etc. local domains can be rented for 5 years.

Domains can be leased annually, and leased for more than 1 year. global domains like com, net, org, info 10 years etc. local domains can be rented for 5 years.

Domain is also known as domain name. You can get detailed information about domain name prices and contact information for ordering.

Domain prices vary widely. Some domain companies can sell domain names by reducing their prices very much, but internet users should examine the firm and the campaign they are doing well. One of the biggest complaints of domain owners is that they have to pay high fees if they miss the domain extension times for an hour.

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